Configuring Intrepid Ibex for OpenDNS

Alright, I’ll admit that I was one of the many who went @@ when the new Ubuntu came out, called Intrepid Ibex. So far, the latest kernel update has gotten nvidia working again, and I don’t have any real issues except for my DNS. I actually did not know that they changed the way you access the Network Connections. So I was without openDNS for a few weeks until I realised this:

1. Right click on your Network Icon in the upper right. This would be the icon with two computers next to the sound icon.
2. Select Edit Connections
3. Now, depending on what you’ve got configured, choose between Wired, Wireless, Mobile Broadband, VPN or DSL. Mine is Wired.
4. Under Wired, if you’re on Auto, you’ll see something like Auto eth0. Select it and then click Edit.
5. Navigate to IPv4 Settings.
6. Select Automatic (DHCP) addresses only
7. Enter the openDNS servers into your DNS server. It should look like:,
8. Click Ok and restart connection
9. OpenDNS is now on your computer!

That worked nicely.