Contact lens adventures

Am in the office and that sucks! (mainly cause of the aircon)

So I decided that since I don’t think I was going to be outside for more than 12 hours, I’d wear my contacts out instead. Getting them in was definitely much easier this time around, mainly because I found this video. It really helped to get my eyeballs used to the feel of my fingers on them.

This was then followed by me trying to put my contacts in. Now, the main reason why it took so long was because I kept shying away at the last minute and/or I folded the contacts in somehow. Well, after about ten minutes, the first contact was in.

That was when all hell broke loose.

After rubbing my eyes and trying to get my eye used to the feel of the contacts (it felt like something was stabbing my eyes, really!) I looked in the mirror.

And the contact was nowhere to be seen!

Worried, I kept blinking and retracing my steps, wondering if the contacts could have somehow slipped out while I was tapping my face dry earlier. In a panic, I looked around and then came back to the sink. Looking in my eyes, I found where it was.

The edge of my eyeball, just about peeking out.

Thanks to the video, I knew what to do. Wetted my finger with some solution, then gently pushed the contact back to the center of my eye. A couple of blinks and voila! I could see again. That was scary, but I was glad it happened to the right eye and not the left.

The left eye was far more “fun” in some ways. I did not have a problem looking at the contact go onto the eyeball, but for some reason it refused to stick. I wetted the contact lens with some solution, and after about 10 minutes, it was in, though it tried to pull the disappearing act again. This one took about 10 minutes to go in to.

Altogether? 20 minutes to go in. Not bad from my first attempt of an hour and a half. šŸ˜€

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  1. haha *patpats* I had this problem before, only my contacts slipped off and slid to the back of my eyeball….in college!! >____> took a bit of panicking and a lot of eye-rubbing to finally get the contacts back in front again ^^;;;

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