Of testing and writing

I was impressed with the speed and stability of the P1 Unit Heal persuaded me to take but not any longer. The service has been getting from bad to worse. On Sunday night/Monday morning, my speeds were pretty impressive with my HTTP downloads hitting around 100kB per sec and staying there. Later that night, while I tried to download Granado Espada’s massive 4.1GIG Installation file, I hit speeds of around 30kB to 131kB, but the speed stayed in the upper regions, so I was satisfied.

The installation failed, and at first I thought it was because the file was too huge and the lack of keyboard activity prompted a “timeout” mechanism. I was wrong. Trying to download the file the next few days or just plain old regular surfing, I ended up getting 2 disconnections on my second and third day (yesterday) with P1.

Four days later and based on advice from a colleague, I kept track of how many times I disconnected over the past few hours that I am online, and guess what.

It’s 5 times.

I’ve written a note to the P1 people on their website and will be bringing the matter up to a few other people too. If they say it’s because of my signal strength, I will flip, because it makes no sense for the signal strength to remain the same BUT the disconnections happen so frequently.

At this rate, I might just have to return the modem. That’s sad, cause I liked the service.

On writing… if you have my twitter account (yes I caved in and am known as geminianeyes on twitter), you would have seen my message that I wrote 521 words in 10 minutes compared to 587 words in 20. Don’t ask me why the big difference. I don’t know either.

But the story is getting written. That’s all I can say.

And now, time to get ready to go to work. Bye!