Nanowrimo Challenge

One of the reasons why I love doing Nanowrimo isn’t just the challenge of writing 50k in one month; there’s also the community, which is simply awesome (my take on that is that you are dealing with people who write and therefore, hopefully literate, hence literate people = knowledgeable = cool!).

So this is going out to all my readers and friends who are doing Nanowrimo. This is a challenge for you.

You are under no obligation to do this, but if you do, thank you.

And thanks, [Erna], the Malaysian Nanowrimo ML, for the challenge.

Naoko Kensaku

Geminian Rat. Carried by an Aries Bear.

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  1. why, hello there! found your blog while googling something and realised you’re on the forums :D i’m seorangperempuan there. ehehe

    Geminianeyes: Oh, hai! :D Nice to see you!

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