Should be editing

But I’m too frightened to. Then again, I haven’t actually finished the story yet, so my reluctance to edit should make sense to everyone, shouldn’t it?

I’m also procrastinating on a few billing items, mainly because the bill is not in yet, but it seems that my balance for this month is pretty low. It’s mainly because of the insurance actually. Giving a large chunk every three months is starting to hurt. I’ll probably call my insurance agent tomorrow and see if I can’t change my payment scheme to monthly instead of every 3 months.

I used the three months scheme because of my old job; I’d started on a job that allowed me to save in the long run but not the short, so it made more sense for me to pay them all in one shot than it would have to give little by little.

So yes, I realise that I am rambling, but it is REALLY nice to type on Mizi when I’m using a table instead of my lap or an uneven surface (aka in the car). 😛 Mizi is my eeePC which I simply love! Though I do have to admit, she does have some very odd issues when I’m typing. Sometimes my CTRL doesn’t work. Perhaps it’s just me, but perhaps it’s a faulty keyboard. I can’t reproduce the error, so I’m not too sure about whether it’s me or the keyboard.

The CTRL key is important to me for one reason alone: CTRL + S. :p