Random Update

Today and last night was rather eventful. Last night I stayed up pretty late working on the ^^ project. Procrastination has been kicking my butt and I couldn’t quite find the words I wanted to use to describe what I was writing. It doesn’t help too, that my P1 line died. T_T My modem’s not showing any connectivity since 1.45am (I think) last night. Right when I wanted to send the file over too. Lucky I still have my TM account, but… T_T

But for now it’s over (it’ll begin again tomorrow) and I took the time off today to do something I haven’t done in a long time:

Spend some girlie times with a few of my girlfriends.

The insane people in this trip were Neko, Wild, May, Zymz and me.

The trip was ostenibly for cake (buy 1 free 1!), but thanks to the under-preparedness of the company behind the offer, the store we went to was SOLD OUT after only 1.5 hours. You’d expect them to stock more cake considering that it is, after all, a public holiday AND the last day of the promotion. So the cake did not arrive until around 6.10pm, (after me and Zymz had left the store) and Neko is now holding our cake.



The San Francisco Steak House in Midvalley has the Aura of being overpriced and underdelivery. The food was good, but I agree with Wild: compared to what I had in Subang last two weeks ago, it wasn’t as good. Portions were smaller than I thought they would be and the meat was a bit tougher than I expected. It’s nice to see everyone gathered together though. 🙂

Then we went shopping for groceries, went to get some makeup, checked out Art Friends (where I ended up buying two notebooks in preparation for the coming year; I’d used up my sketchbook cum notebook sometime mid this year) and went back to find that the cake was STILL A LIE.

So Neko, Zymz, May and me (Wild left us when we went makeup hunting for another appointment) went to Sushi King to have some tea and a bit of sushi.

We came out about 30 minutes later to find… a line outside the cake shop. Immediately May and Zymz made a run for it, while Neko and me took our time. We found out that there were NO CAKES in the fridge but people were lining up anyway. Turns out that someone had seen the Zen cafe people setting up the area in anticipation of CAKE! and were lining up.

Malaysians being Malaysians, many soon followed suit.

Unfortunately, May, Zymz and me parted ways with Neko around this time, as I had to get home and May’s parents were calling. We were gratified to know a bit later THAT THE CAKE WAS NOT A LIE! Neko is getting said cake, so me and Zymz should be getting ours on Wednesday. Mmmmm Cake.

And now I shall head off to do more writing. See you all later! 😀


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  1. Wait..you were in Midvalley today and yesterday?

    ….Damn that proves how bad the crowd is. I was at MV/Gardens for two consecutive days and didn’t even bump to you guys lol XD;;

    Geminianeyes: Ara! I was there only today, not yesterday, but NUUUUU I MISSED TEH TUNA!!! ;_;

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