[Copywriter Chronicles] Stalking Numbers

Karen: I’m going to change my number cause I’ve got a stalker on my current line.

[Chris]: Ooooooo. *in a very “mengada” tone*

Honestly, I don’t know what else to say. Or what the point of this post. 😛

Edit: After I admitted I didn’t know what was the point of the post, my colleagues said:

Kaze (NOT Kazeki): It was the way he said it.

HB: It’s the tone and manner.

Office in-joke: “Tone and manner” is the phrase we’ve been tossing amongst ourselves because of client specifications. 😛


About twenty minutes later, I borrowed my headset to [Chris] so he could listen to UVERworld’s expod-digital track. He wanted to give it back to me before the track ended, but I told him to continue listening to it as the song hadn’t ended.

[Chris]: How long does this (headset) go?

Me: It’ll be long enough for you to work, unless you want to run to HB’s side.

[Chris]: I wanna run to HB’s side~ *hands reach out for HB on the other side of him*

Me: *Facepalms*

Note: HB sits on the left of [Chris] and I sit on his right.


In tribute to [Grayfox] for leaving us physically but never via MSN:

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  1. I’m still a little bit confused about the CCC.
    Will ask Nao tomorrow.

    Geminianeyes: Sorry for editing the comment, but I’m not too comfy with my real name being published on my blog.

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