WordPress 2.7

And loving it!

I found out about the new WordPress release when I was going through some friends’ blog entries. There’s thing about me and updating my WordPress; every time I do, two weeks later comes along a brand new release, I delay upgrading it, then when I do, a new update comes along two weeks later. That happened three times this year, so you can imagine me being leery to update WP again.

Based on [Edrei]’s linking to the latest changes WordPress 2.7 (silly me never thought to check the changes in the Codex), I decided to take the plunge to update. It’s only 1.8MB!

And what I discovered was… whoa.

New layout. It’s back to being movable again. And it’s grey instead of blue and whites, and well, I find this to be much better compared to the old versions. I wasn’t too enamoured of WordPress 2.6 but this…

This is simply beautiful.

If you don’t already have a WordPress account, go get one now. If you have a WordPress blog and am thinking to upgrade, remember to deactivate ALL your plugins, especially those affecting your admin and dashboards. Thanks again [Edrei] for the tip!

Excuse me. I shall go geek out to the new WordPress. Hey, if other girls can squee at clothes, I can squee at blogging. 😀