Random notes

If there is anything I have managed to teach my body, it is to wake up at 7 something. No matter whether it is the weekend, whether I had enough sleep last night, or whether I had been sleeping since 10pm, woke up at 5am, went back to sleep again, I WILL wake up around the hour of seven in the morning.

Which explained the pretty bad headache I got this morning.

Played a bit with Sachiko and went back to sleep. Three hours later, I’m feeling MUCH better. I have also managed to train myself to feel very sleepy playing with Sachiko before bedtime if I’m at home. If I’m outside the compulsion isn’t there. XD

This whole week has been pretty hectic despite the two public holidays in between. I haven’t been able to actually rest on either one of the those days, either because of work or Comic Fiesta.

I’ve gotten my costume, now all that’s left is to sew the bootcovers. I think I may have to ask Mom for help to pin the cloth I’d bought for the outline; I doubt I can do it if it’s just my leg. I’m using Sarcasm-Hime’s bootcovers tutorial, and all I am lacking now is some sewing chalk, a pair of good scissors (Mom’s are going blunt and I do want to get her a new pair) and a zip. Did you know that Carrefour in Subang has none of those? Seriously, wtf.

Both items I can get later, but I need to really get started on cutting the cloth later when I get home from this morning’s meeting. My plan is to use the cheap cloth I bought to make the base bootcovers based on the tutorial, but leave the back open and unzipped. Then I’m going to cut the actual bootcovers from that base, and use that instead. All I’d need is the sewing chalk by then.

I’ll continue this later. Need to get ready for the meeting now. There used to be this meme floating around that mentioned checking your email first thing in the morning was a sign of Internet addiction; I think they should add blogging to that list too.