A rant, and a request

First the information: Has anyone used Poslaju’s international services to send food overseas? I’m asking cause when I was there a few days ago, they said they were charging about RM100-200 for a package to the UK.

Secondly, a small rant. I know my sense of dressing is bad, but please la, bring it up to my face instead of mentioning it in the channel? I know the offer was mine to begin with, but I feel very insulted when you don’t even leave me a message to say you are borrowing clothes from others and you agree that my dressing is bad. It’s not something that I should be angry or hurt about, but yes, I am hurt.

If you want to talk behind my back or when I’m asleep, please don’t do it in the public channel. I suppose I did bring it down on myself, but argh. I was sincere in the offer (because that person in a dress would be cute) but now I suppose I should stop being so generous and letting people take advantage of it, shouldn’t I?

And to think that I was hoping for all the personal insults to have stopped with only my cousin. Guess even those whom I’d like to count as sisters aren’t much different.

2 thoughts on “A rant, and a request”

  1. I never send and packages…. I wouldn’t know. Errr… when did that happen and who–okay, I’ll ask that later la. Damn rude.

    Geminianeyes: If you were on last night they should have been talking after I went to sleep.

  2. S-sayang…tak payah poslaju la pls Dxxxxx Don’t want you to overspend on postage. Don’t worry about it arriving late or whatever! Dx Really. Or I’ll feel really guilty.

    Geminianeyes: *Cuuuuuuuuuuubit* So cute! Don’t feel guilty la!

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