Meme: 2008 In Review

Stolen from Michy XD.

Go to your archives/calendar, take the first post you made each month and write the first line of each in your post. This is your year in review.


FEB: Family Bush!
Ti, if you still have that software, would you like to help me create the family bush? Cause here’s parts of it:

MAR: Off to GACC
See you all in a few days! *Poofs*

APR: Updating to WordPress 2.5
When it comes to upgrades, I generally have no fear of them, mainly because I know worse comes to worst I could always simply recopy all the old files I had and use the old version instead.

MAY: [Politics] Amusement of the day
Mahathir has his own blog.

JUNE: [Politics] Walk for a Free Media
Can be summed up in one simple catchphrase from Zaid Ibrahim:

JUL: To my charries
Sukina, Naoko, I love you two.

AUG: Things to do on the Comp List
I have a list of things I want to do in the physical world; here’s the list of things I need to do on the net.

SEP: Eventful weekend
The past few days have been a long weekend.

OCT: To all my Muslim Friends and Readers
Selamat Hari Raya! Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

NOV: Remember, don’t sleep and write
Or you’ll get something like this: (One of my fave entries!)

DEC: [101]Silence Unspoken
Quiet quiet quiet

This doesn’t really tell just how eventful my year is. 😀