Warrior’s Grief, Bard’s Cry

Of the old bard’s tale
None knew save a few
His blood forgot their origins
Though his talents they retained

The world forgot the bard
Forgot the tales he spun
Yet through his descendents
The old tales remembered

Arise, descend
The stories of ages past were told
Slowly from a desperate divisive
Shades of grey coloured their story

The same story they repeated
With only the cast changed
The bard’s memories lingered within their talent
The children could not more stop than die

His blood awakened those who slept
Those whose ancestors had lent arms
For just as their fathers mastered weapons
So did their daughters mastered tempers

There was an order, the story said
Of companies hidden against the dark times
Those times were come now
And so the bard’s children went to war

Some brought hope
Others brought despair
Some brought joy
Others brought sadness

Yet each child, each descendent
Did so fight the battles
As the warriors’ children fought
A desperate war they raged

The Keepers of the Old Tales watched
The Witches of the Dark kept counsel
Hidden within the Shadows they watched
The World forgot about their magic

Yet the time came soon
When each warrior was called to battle
When each bard was called to sing
When each descendent was called

A bard could no more stop singing than
A warrior could stop fighting
Their talent they cannot deny
Their passion they cannot fight

O fear that night when the warriors are awakened
O hide the day when the bards are called
For when the drums of war are beaten
The World for us has Ended.

5 thoughts on “Warrior’s Grief, Bard’s Cry”

  1. Very, very, VERY nice. I’d like to see that published.

    In other news, stop waking up my Viking blood please before I go off and plunder Ireland or something! My Irish blood would get profoundly pissed at me for it!

    …Although, I don’t think any of my heritages have a problem pillaging England… *Ponders*

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