CF Report, in a nutshell

It is… exhausting.

I didn’t get a chance to watch the Solo and Group cosplay competitions, but I heard it was good.

Set-up was exhausting with the insane run for banks. Thank you CIMB for having RM5. Maybank, you SUCK. WTF do you mean you don’t change money after 12? It’s not just inconvenient, but also inane. Despite that, I went back to the hotel to rest after passing the money, then went to pick Sring up from Perhentian Duta (CONFUSION AHOY!) and while waiting for Jin and Shereen to come back, joined in the insane assembly line that is the…

The Goodie Bag!

Yes, pictures to follow, so wait for it please!

Day 1… was a blur.
Day 2… also a blur.

Thanks to everyone who came! I’ll write more later when I’m not to sleepy, but yes… COMIC FIESTA 2008 IS FINALLY OVER! I’m sad yet happy at the same time.