Racist rants in the morning

No, I’m not about to start spouting racist rants in the morning. Rather, I was unpleasantly surprised on Christmas Eve by a person who left a very racist comment on my blog about Ong Kian Ming’s observation about spreading Islam in Malaysia. On the whole, I thought the article was very well-balanced, well-thought out and anything but racist. It is perhaps, a jibe at UMNO, but very little else.

The article, IMO, addresses something few people are willing to admit; that spreading Islam in Malaysia is difficult because the exceptionally tight link between the Malay culture and Islam the religion in Malaysia.

After all, how can one be more equal than others (to quote hedonese of the Agora)?

But that’s not what I wanted to rant about. What I really wanted to rant about is the fact that our educators, especially those who call themselves, “Pendidik Di Kolej Swasta,” aka “Educator at a Private College” DO NOT READ.

This person basically wrote a very long rant on why racism in Malaysia should be accepted, for these reasons:

  1. There is no such thing as non-discrimination. According to that person, when you have a majority race in ANY country, there is bound to be discrimination vs the minority.
  2. People will naturally be biased towards their own race. The comment assumes that if Ong Kian Ming was the Prime Minister of Malaysia, he would automatically be biased towards the Chinese because he is Chinese. As such, if the government were mainly Indians, they would be biased towards Indians and so forth. You can all guess just how disturbed I am by such assumptions.
  3. There is an even bigger claim that chills the blood. Apparently, because of the Malays’ humanity and non-greediness, Malaysia has remained peaceful since the signing of the “social contract.”

There are quite a few more assumption the person makes that simply just outline the racist assumptions that have come to be accepted as “fact” in this country. What makes me angry isn’t so much the content, but the off-topicness of the whole comment. From my reading of the article, Ong Kian Ming is NOT talking about Malay supremacy nor the social contract; he is talking about the difficulty in proselytising Islam in Malaysia due to the cultural and psychological barriers that has been erected. This person, on the other hand, rants about how people are naturally biased and that racism should be accepted simply because “it’s human nature.”

Oi. Orang cakap pasal sebarkan Islam kau ungkit pasal sejarah, perkauman, bina gereja dan apa lagi? Nama aje pendidik, tapi nampaknya buta huruf. Tajuknya lain, bahasnya lain. Lagipun, nama kata pendidik, tapi langsung tak paham budaya! Orang Cina mana je cukup dengan daftarkan perkahwinan? Yang penting kena ada upacara teh untuk ibu bapa dan mertua. Kalau takde, tak sah perkahwinan itu untuk orang Cina!

Translation: OI. People are talking about speading Islam, but you’re bringing up history, racism, building churches and what not! You call yourself an educator, but you seem to be illiterate. You’re off-topic. Furthermore, an educator you say, but you don’t understand Chinese culture at all! Since when have the Chinese been satisfied with merely registering their marriage? The most important bit is always the tea ceremony for the parents and the in-laws! If there’s no ceremony, the marriage isn’t valid.

I’d call the person much worse, but I’ll stop for now.

Or rather, have an image:

2 thoughts on “Racist rants in the morning”

  1. WTF! But biasala typical Malays… they always go offtopic whenever they tader fakta wanna back up their argument. Since when discrimination is OKAY in any sense?

    It’s understandable to see that it’s hard nowadays for Islam the religion to be spread here cos we see many religions in this country and not many muslims that shows good example to other races as well that could make them believe if the religion was any better than the others. They don’t even dakwah properly one of these days. Everything’s so forceful… siapa nak convert like that?

  2. Actually, I don’t think he ever said that he was an educator. He was extremely off topic though, and re-hashing the same racist / insecure arguments that he’d heard elsewhere.

    Geminianeyes: He gave his name as Pendidik di Kolej Swasta. I should have mentioned that earlier.

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