[Project 365] Day 3

I was actually supposed to go shopping earlier in the day, but a combination of wanting to procrastinate and servicing my car left me around RM100 poorer. πŸ˜› I ended up playing with my feeds and all, but in the end, I did go out shopping. Here was the first item I tried, and the image for Day 3:

Day 3: Excuse to Camwhore
Day 3: Excuse to Camwhore

So, what did I get in the end?

This, because it’s comfy AND breathable

The one you see in the previous pic was too tight and it was the only piece I could find. Plus the translucent stuff was the material I hate; it was the kind that literally felt like it was stabbing you. So yes. Day 3 is done.

5 thoughts on “[Project 365] Day 3”

  1. The first blouse does give you a nicer figure, looks cute. Second one does look comfy and a little more stylish… based on the picture lol :p

    Geminianeyes: Hehe, yes, it’s very comfy. XD

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