[Project 365] Day 6

Poor Kitty.

I’m pretty sure this one’s not breathing, because I was waiting for his/her chest to rise and fall and it didn’t. T_T You can also see a small fly near the base of it’s tail (it’s that small little dot) landing on it. The poor thing.

Story behind this picture? I was walking to the office from the car when I saw the kitty’s siblings playing under the ferns in front of a mamak. While taking a few photos, I saw this little one. Poor baby.

Judging from the size and the cleanliness of the kittens, I’m pretty sure their parents belong to someone. The death of the little kitten could have been prevented if their owners had bothered to neuter and spay their cats. Perhaps it’s inhumane, but if you can’t take care of your pets, why should you allow them to breed?

The same goes with humans, especially those who have too many kids even though they know they can’t afford it. Sigh. What a gloomy way to start the day.

3 thoughts on “[Project 365] Day 6”

  1. i saw a dead orange cat by the side of the road.

    it is not a kitten, but a full grown one. =/
    looks pregnant too, because its pretty fat at the stomach.

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