Random PSA

Mainly for the ladies, according to a cat dear to my heart, the Insteads Softcups (disposable versions of the menstrual cups) are now available at selected Watsons’ outlets throughout the Klang Valley. A pack of 5 is being sold for RM19.90 (cheap, IMO, when you consider how long they can last).

Personally, I have a few questions regarding the Insteads. If you’re thinking about getting one, make sure to ask:

How does one dispose of a disposable menstrual cup?
How does one remove it (I ask this because the stem of most menstrual cups, if not removed, is a pretty big help for women during removal)?

Those are two questions I’d like to know about it, will probably get them answered when I drop by Watson’s. In case you’re wondering, the first confirmed spotting of the Insteads Softcup in Malaysia was at Watsons’ Sungai Wang.

Please, whatever you do, do NOT use the C-fold, which is the default method used by the companies. Take a gander instead at these folds, most of which are generally MUCH nicer.

This has been a random menstrual tip.

Edit: Ah, now I know why there were promoters for the Insteads Softcup. It was launched recently.