I’m on Inksome~

I haven’t really backed up my journal on LJ (I should for some RP references for myself) but am probably going to be doing my Fiction updates here on Broken Shield and Sword and on Fiery Notes. I’m looking to change this Blog’s name though, but I haven’t decided yet if I will do so.

So yeah, just to let everyone know where I will be in case LJ does close down, which to all intents of its PR dept, says they won’t. I expect a slow death anyway.

Sorry for alarming everyone else.

2 thoughts on “I’m on Inksome~”

  1. I don’t expect LJ to shut down instantly, no…

    Geminianeyes: Neither did I, but a lot of people panicked. I assumed that it would probably have taken them at least a month or so before they announced the closing, if they did.

  2. At least if they were closing, they’d inform their investors first. Then we’d all have sufficient time to run the hell out of there.

    …I’m too lazy to backup all my LJ entries, though.

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