Of zombies and Kuala Selangor

Apparently Saya no Uta is enough to give people weird dreams even if they have never played the game before (looks in the general direction of th fujoshis on her LJ Flist). It’s been quite some time since I last used this tag, so here goes.

I dreamt I had been assigned to a remote village in Kuala Selangor of all places as a sort of penance. What followed were me adjusting to life in Kuala Selangor which could be just as hectic as life in KL, Only less focused on material gains and more on helping your neighbour. During my stay there, they had a problem with piling garbage, slow newspaper reports AND radio broadcasts (a guy would visit the village every other month or so with a tape about all the previous month’s news) and some really odd way to run the municipal council. Worst of all… no Internet.

I decided one day to at least update the news feed somehow and took it upon myself to create a short radio snippet for this aim. One of the other ladies, who was “outraged” at one of the claims another woman had made (something about butter and marjerin) decided to make a short radio snippet too. The guy who had brought the radio broadcast was apparently from the village who lived in the city and commuted back to the village, agreed to help me (not like he had much choice, I believed he was someone close to my heart).

Sometime later I found myself driving to a remote area of Kuala SElangor to pass the tape around, and as I drove, night fell and the area became quite dark. The radio’s static kept growing stronger the deeper I went i, till I was reminded of Resident EVil and decided to reverse back (there was no space for me to turn back as I was in the middle of a mangrove swamp). That was when I saw that zombies had surrounded my car. They were shuffling and looked rather pitiful, but in my panic, I floored it and ran over quite a few of them.

I met up with otousan somehow on the way, and we tried to escape together. He had a problem though; he had been infected with the virus, and he could and might change into a zombie at any given moment. Having no alternative and wanting to get back to him as soon as I could, I agreed to stick with him. Last thing I remembered before I woke up was standing on the top of the medical institution to watch for our enemies.

Ok, back to bed.

3 thoughts on “Of zombies and Kuala Selangor”

  1. The fujoshis play it because it has been compared to a BL game made by the parent company of Nitro+Chiral and for the male seiyuus.8D.Its a BxG game actually.

    Geminianeyes: LOL, I guessed as much from the storyline. Just surprised that ZOMBIES made it into my dream. That’s a first!

  2. Heh. Saya no uta dreams. You plan to play it?

    also, what billy said. WE ARE SHALLOW~

    Geminianeyes: I don’t, hence wondering why I am getting such dreams.

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