And this is why I say writing is a compulsion

If only because my characters have come to life. Role play has corrupted me completely.

Me: {{Sukina}}
Me: [[Kishan]]
Me: ((Naoko))
Me: Me.
Zhil’s Mun: ((Zhilbar))
Zhil’s Mun: [Lil!Zhil]

So it started innocently enough… (caution long entry ahead!)

Me: <-- your opinion of the quote? Zhil’s Mun: I think it sounds very interesting, especially if you take it literally. Zhil’s Mun: ((...Huh. That sounds... VERY similar to something I know of. Eyes Geminianeyes suspiciously Whence came that quote? I would know who spoke of the Shadow Void.))

Me: a friend suggested the idea while I was doing nano

Me: cycles come and go, in the end even death dies. and yes, death dies is from the Cthullu Mythos

Zhil’s Mun: ((Uh… HUH. Remains suspiciously wary Well, so long as that’s ALL it is.))

Me: there will come a time when even the Gods pass

Me: ((As do the Creator and the Destroyer))

Me: and then the cycle begins anew

Me: ((….

Me: *prods*))

Me: OW

Me: what was THAT for?

Zhil’s Mun: ((*Amused*))

Me: ((before you begin on Maiso’s SIDE story. Finish Keys to Twilight.))

Me: {{I second this. It has been hanging for too long}}

Me: hmph.

Me: [[*throws a book at her]]


Me: [[*whistles*]]

Zhil’s Mun: …I really wish I had that email updater a couple years ago, and knew all this backstory. I’m just not so good at wading through backposts anymore.

Me: I am beset by treacherous muses

Me: and no, this is not backposts

Me: this is Nanowrimo

Me: … spartan comment unintended

Zhil’s Mun: (Geminianeyes! Block me for a sec, I’ve got an idea!)

Zhil’s Mun: Has something behind His back

Me: *ignores?*

Zhil’s Mun: … Screw it.

Zhil’s Mun: Throws balloon full of honey at Su

Me: {{*has honey balloon all over her, and HER HAIR*}}

Zhil’s Mun: (Next time I say block me? I meant KEEP THEM FROM SEEING WHAT I’M DOING.)

Me: *falls over laughing*

Me: ah

Me: *is still laughing*

Zhil’s Mun: Waggles a stern finger at Su NO. BAD muse. Don’t throw books at your mun!

Me: {{*sighs* children. AND I DIDN’T DO IT! KISHAN DID IT!}}

Zhil’s Mun: (You’ve got to teach them young.)

Me: [[*is trying hard to not laugh*]]

Zhil’s Mun: …Well, you didn’t stop him!

Me: ((*is openly laughing*))

Zhil’s Mun: *KISHAN gets the mudballoon!*)

Me: {{And I just finished my honey-malt hair treatment too!}}

Me: [[……]]

Me: ((*finds someplace safe to hide and laugh non-stop*))

Zhil’s Mun: ((OI. *Pokes head at the mun* ENOUGH with the throwing of things. He’s going to start throwing fireballs, and I’m not going to stop him.))

Me: *pushes naoko out of the tree where she is laughing non-stop*

Zhil’s Mun: ((*Catches*))

Me: [[Fireballs. will. be. a. start.]]

Me: sorry about that, Zhilbar! couldn’t help it

Zhil’s Mun: ((*Looks at Pat* See, THIS kind of behaviour is why I don’t feel bad for you at all.))

Zhil’s Mun: ((*Raises an eyebrow-ridge at Kishan* Fireballs will be the END of it, thank you. I don’t mind a moderate rebuke for the boy, but I don’t intend you to lower his resale value THAT far.))

Me: [[I was thinking of making him dance. -evil smile-]]

Me: [[*removes mask for another*]]

Me: … when did YOU start wearing those godawful masks again??

Zhil’s Mun: ((Hmm? Looks aside for a moment Fair enough, the boy has two left feet as it is.))

Me: [[I’m off today, remember?]]

Me: *mutters*

Me: [[*calls up a small fire at the edge of his fingertips*]]

Zhil’s Mun: ((Make it a decent lesson, and I’ll be willing to throw in a gratuity! Evil smile Bonus if you can make him RIVERDANCE.))

Zhil’s Mun: …Shiiiiiit…

Zhil’s Mun: Backs away slowly

Me: [[*starts throwing small fireballs BEHIND kyle, forcing him to jump forwards again?*]]

Me: [[*looks to zhilbar* riverdance is the one where they kick their feet to their waist, correct?]]

Zhil’s Mun: Hey-hey-HEY! Cut that out!

Zhil’s Mun: ((You’re thinking of a Rockette line, dear boy. Riverdancing is a semi-traditional Irish style, popularized by that Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance buffoon. Lots of stomping and syncopated rhythmn, quite a challenge to do well.))

Zhil’s Mun: [[Here you go!]]

Me: [[Ah. *begins humming and tossing fire at kyle’s feet in tune*]]

Zhil’s Mun: [[*Is learning the INTERNET, yay! Li’l!Zhil likes helping!*]]


Me: [[I wouldn’t call him that if I were you.]]

Me: {{Try NOT to burn down the garden again, Nii-chan? I’m off to bath}}

Zhil’s Mun: Throws a balloon full of other, smaller balloons, which are themselves full of vicious bugs at tinyZhil

Me: *sits behind a small bubble of netting*

Me: Kishan, cut it out. It’s not nice.

Zhil’s Mun: [[… Eats it, then coughs the latex back up EEEeeew. *Looks a little sick to his tummy*]]

Me: [[When he stops throwing things]]

Zhil’s Mun: Well, when will YOU stop throwing things?

Me: [[Probably never. Good point.]]


Me: [[it IS a form of affectionate communication, you mentioned.]]

Zhil’s Mun: [[Umm… Miss Sukina? Kinda nudges her with his muzzle I don’t feel so good…]]

Me: Yes, but now when it comes to throwing FIREBALLS at other people’s muns. And I think he’s running out of breath! Stop it!

Zhil’s Mun: Kiddo, affectionate communication does NOT mean a book to the head.

Me: [[Sigh. Fine]]

And I shall leave the rest for next time.

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