Morning laughter


You may be annoyed with the intensity of your own feelings now, yet you cannot seem to make them go away. You could be afraid that there’s no way out of an entangled situation. And although logical Mercury – your key planet – is activated today, you are still unable to rationalize your emotional reaction. Stop fighting it; sink into the experience and make the most of what you have. You’ll have plenty of opportunity later to analyze the situation and plan what’s next.
By Rick Levine

Considering that self-actualisation means being in the moment and letting yourself experience the emotion without being in it, this is a great reminder- experience the emotion, acknowledge it, and then move on. đŸ˜€ Great advice in the morning.

Edit: I was reminded of something else. In a year of doom and gloom (especially when the financial advisers are calling it a recession), it is a year of growth and opportunity. There are challenges to be met and opportunities to be grabbed, so should it be such a surprise that Lillian Too and Joey Yap are saying that the Year of the Ox is actually a good year to do business? Think about that.