She’d taken a leaf out of his book when it came to the mornings.

She kissed his lips gently and softly. Then she planted soft kisses on his face; his forehead, his lips, his cheeks, and her favourite spot, his nose. There was always a bit of hesitation when she kissed, as though she was afraid of hurting him. He knew and sensed that, and it made her kisses all the more precious to him.

They were soft on his face now. He reached out with his eyes closed to stroke her face gently, feeling her stop to lean her face into his hand. He knew she loved that. They were silent for a moment, and he opened his eyes to see hers closed. With a smile and an effort, he got up to plant a kiss on her lips. As they kissed, he leaned back and she followed his lips, letting him take charge.

That one touch of the lips meant more to both of them than anything else they would do for the rest of the morning. A soft and sincere kiss in the morning was the best way to start the day.

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