Obama’s Inauguration Speech

Reading the text of his speeches (like the one seen in Times Online) is nothing like hearing them being spoken. I watched him give his speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial Park (missed the actual Inauguration due to silly HBO giving it a different name in the channel: I thought it was the Inauguration but it was actually the Lincoln Memorial Park We are One Concert).

It was electric. It was straight speaking. It made me feel proud that such a voice prevailed in this day and age.

I also felt fear. I felt worry. I felt like being a skeptic, because the chance for this to go horribly wrong is so reminiscent of when Pak Lah swept to power. Everyone had such high hopes for him. I remember declaring to anyone who would listen that he wouldn’t be able to do anything until his second election, because he needed time to sweep out all the deadwood.

I’m sad to see that he didn’t. Life goes on, I suppose.

All the best to you, Barack Obama. May the ray of hope you represent be turned into a positive beacon of change.