Moving out List

Date: 1 March 2009
Venue: Either Mothership’s place or somewhere near the office

Things I need to budget for (these are the max I will pay for them):

2 month’s rent: RM600
Bed: RM300 (mattress only, if I can get a bedframe to with it it’ll be a bonus!)
Chair: RM35
Computer table: RM70 (if not provided)
Heater: RM200 (if not provided)
Hanging rack for work clothes: RM85

Total first month’s expenses: RM1290. Anyone can help point me in the right direction to get these things (except the rent, as I may have another place in mind?)

6 thoughts on “Moving out List”

  1. For 300 you can get a furnished room which includes chair, table and bed. So half of the things listed here you don’t need to get, just find the right room.

    You can find cheap furniture at hypermarts like Carrefour, but check out IKEA first, you will be surprised how cheap some things are there.

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