25 Things

Since I got tagged by Tiara and Masako…

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1. I use a menstrual cup. It is beautiful.

2. Even though I don’t use disposable menstrual products anymore, I can’t help walking down the aisle. Just for fun.

3. I laugh at all those who still use disposables. :S

4. I enjoy shocking people for the sheer thrill on their faces.

5. I take very small risks when it comes to gambling. The moment I have a losing streak I stop, the moment I win twice in a row I stop.

6. I think my tongue’s no longer functional. I can’t quite taste food the way I used to.

7. I enjoy cooking for myself. And only me.

8. I believe in reincarnation.

9. I no longer believe in the Church, but I feel pangs of guilt whenever I skip Mass.

10. I am clueless when it comes to stopping people from fighting or when two people I care about clash.

11. On that note, I tend to disengage from both parties when that happens.

12. I am very biased.

13. I said goodbye to Naoko and Sukina during my Self-Actualisation course.

14. I’m still partially bound by fear, but I realise, and I accept completely that courage is moving forward even if you are still bound by fear. Because you really, truly, have nothing to fear but fear itself.

15. I’m afraid my grandmother will not die before I am married.

16. I fear marriage. If only because there will be many expectations on me once I am married.

17. I hate organised religion and the people who feel superior because of it.

18. I hate the bigots in our country.

19. I am learning to accept that there are many types of people out there, and that their value systems may not be the same as mine.

20. I need to learn to be less self-absorbed and more focused on my task.

21. In line with 20, I also need to learn to manage my relationships with people better.

22. This will be my mantra for works submitted professionally (Comic Fiesta and work otherwise): Their rejection of your copy does not mean rejection of you personally.

23. I still can’t quite get over the fact that I find that person annoying. It’s a problem with me, not him.

24. I’m shallow and I like pop music.

25. I’ll boycott the artist completely if I cannot agree with their personal philosophy.

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6 thoughts on “25 Things”

  1. 16. I fear marriage. If only because there will be many expectations on me once I am married <- we are in the same boat :3

  2. …You said goodbye to Naoko and Su?

    …Did they say goodbye back? :3

    Geminianeyes: Yup. They’re still annoying me, but now they’re not taking responsibility for the things I do.

  3. BTW, it’s mine not mind.

    Damn it feels good to correct you for once. 😉

    Geminianayes: Correction done! 😀 I know you feel glad about that! 😛

  4. Okay, good. They’re more on my mindpuppetry level then.

    Though one of those mindpuppets is now claiming that he takes indiscriminate responsibility for EVERYTHING I do, save but refuses to help out in any matter whatsoever… That comes out to the same thing, right?

    Geminianeyes: LOL, close, but not quite. The girls were like my stand-ins, bits of me that came in and took over when I myself couldn’t and wouldn’t take responsibility. Now though, they’ve stepped back and I’m doing it on my own.

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