Google’s Marked Malware

I am far too amused. If you do a quick search with the Google search engine now, you’ll probably notice this little link under it:

So it’s marked all searches as Malware. I didn’t get this on Ubuntu, and a friend in Japan on a Mac said the same thing, but a friend on the DS said that he’s getting the same result too. I suspect that something most likely went wrong somewhere.

Alternatively, it could also be that Google is trying to tell us something. Is Windows… Malware? 😛

Marauderz is so going to kill me on Monday. XD

Edit: Looks like Google’s fixed it!

3 thoughts on “Google’s Marked Malware”

  1. Same here. I tried to google something just now and every result turned out “this may harm your computer”. I was like WTF with google, but then i tried msn and it was okay. @@

    Geminianeyes: LOL, according to Raz, it could be because Google’s webmasters are trying to prevent redirect abuse.

  2. I’m not getting anything? Then again, I’m Googling from my searchbox in Firefox…

    Geminianeyes: It’s fixed now. 😀 I’m getting clean searches too.

  3. Apparently it was because some poor coder went and added a slash to the blacklist…and guess which websites have a slash in the URL? (Hint: Try 100%).

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