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[Project 365] Good foods

mmmm Bah Kut Teh

Mmmm… Bah Kut Teh

Mom and me had a hankering for Bah Kut Teh, but Dad didn’t really feel like eating it, so we went off alone. The result? We ended up in Taman Megah, next to this restaurant called “Good” something (cause I forgot the name) behind Fatty Crab’s. The latter is famous for their crab dishes.

Now THIS Is what I call real Bah Kut Teh. It actually had flavour, compared to the last time I had BKT down in Klang. The soup was slightly more on the sweet side rather than salty type I was used to, but the meat and the delicate taste of herbs more than made up for it. Bah Kut Teh is comfort food, and that was what this one was. Oily? Perhaps. It is, after all, made by boiling copious amounts of porks with different herbs thrown in for an hour or so (at least).

If you ever wondered why the BKT you make at home doesn’t taste as well as the BKT in the shops (the good ones at least), it’s mainly because of the amount of meat. Stock made from 5kg of meat is going to be much stronger than stock made of 1kg of meat. Which is why I prefer to eat BKT outside rather than inside.

The pics for the past 2 days will be uploaded soon. *Pokes poke Facebook* More Project 365 Day pics under the cut!

Mickey Mouse Pie from Tappers, Jaya 1

Mickey Mouse Pie from Tappers, Jaya 1

After yesterday’s AGM, we went off to Tappers at Jaya One for a late lunch. It turned out to be a pretty good place. Teh-O ordered this pie with mash, and it happened to come looking like a Mickey Mouse pie because of the ears. Never let it be said that the graphic designer’s canvas is limited only to the computer. She used her green peas to add this effect. :D



Today I felt like lazing around (plus I had some office work to finish) and so I ended up making onigiri. Because I didn’t feel like eating just plain rice, I added some mayonnaise as the filling, which didn’t work quite the way I expected it to. Note to self: 1 kole of rice is quite large for your tummy nowadays. so I’ll be cutting down on it the next time I make it.