Stolen from Fenix

Who are two of your biggest fictional role models? Why?

Normally you get people asking you who are your real-life role models. Rarely do you get the chance to show off the people who’ve probably shaped your life for most part if you’re a reader like me.

Sailor Mercury aka Ami Mizuno

Ami Mizuno from Sailormoon. The Guardian from Mercury, she represented knowledge. Sailormoon was the series that got me started in really researching mythology and legends, but it was not until a few years later that it finally and truly sunk into me that she was associated with the ruling planet of my zodiac. She’s a shy, quiet girl who prefers books more to life.

I admire…
Her confidence and her knowledge. Ami is sure of herself when it comes to what she knows, and she aspires to be a doctor. Despite her hunger for scientific knowledge, Ami has a hidden talent for painting. I often thought that this was the perfect marriage between science and the arts. I had often seen the two as irreconcilable until I met Ami.

Ami was someone I aimed to be unconsciously when I was child. Her shyness attracted me, but she wasn’t the typical “I’m quiet but calm in emergencies” character I’d later came to be familiar with in other anime. Rather, she was human; she loved books, she did get scared, she had her own insecurities, but she never once retreated away from those who loved her.

I wish…
Naoko Takeuchi-sensei would have given her either a proper boyfriend or resolve Ami’s sexuality instead of leaving the fans to do it. It’s like closure for me; I like to know that my favourite character does have a happy ending.

Priscilla from Rekka No Ken or Fire Emblem 7

Priscilla from Fire Emblem: Rekka No Ken. This was Fire Emblem 7 in Japan, and the first, if I am not wrong, to be ported over from Japan to English. I roleplayed as Florina more than I ever thought of Priscilla, but she’s very much like another Ami to me.

I admire…
Her character development. She may seem weak initially, but take the time to level her up and she’s a killing machine. Her flexibility on the battlefield in wielding a staff and a magebook is matched in-game only by her support conversations. She’s rather naive and innocent, but she cares deeply for those around her. Her gentle demeanour fits her quite well, and she’s got a calming influence.

I wish…
They had given her more screentime and less tragic love stories. Two of her possible endings were guys breaking up with her because of their differences, and I always felt that this was kind of a cop-out.