[Project 365] Food review@ I Love Yoo, Sunway Pyramid

Porridge and Eu Cha Kuay at RM3.90
Porridge and Eu Cha Kuay at RM3.90

This was from the small shop in between the Korean restaurant “Nol Bl (?)” and Mr Teppanyaki next to the ice skating rink. It’s called “I Love Yoo.”

The food here was really good and filling. I’d just come out of the gym and was looking for something cheap and filling (you usually get one or the other in Sunway Pyramid, there’s nothing in between). When I saw the shop, I was immediately attracted to the porridge + eu cha kuay (the brown fried dough, which I know as Dog Bone in English).

The set is RM3.90 and as you can see from the picture, the scallop porridge I ordered was quite thick. I also ordered a mix bun (the bowl in the background that you can’t quite see) because I thought it would be small, but no. It turned out to be:

Mixed Bun, aka dough with glutinous rice centerMixed Bun, aka dough with glutinous rice center

Yes, it was big and I couldn’t finish eating it, so I took it home. I was actually almost full by the time I’d finish the dog bone with the porridge. It was that filling, and I still had about half the bowl left. The porridge was thick, with the hint of salt and oil; it was very much the same porridge my grandma used to feed me; thick comfort food.

Altogether, I spent about RM8.10. My bill was:

Porridge Set: RM3.90
Mixed Bun: RM1.40
Soyabean milk (not shown): RM2.90

The soyabean milk that I took was chilled, and it tasted less of sugar and more of the soyabean. I can still feel the taste of the milk on my tongue; it’s tasty and soul-quenching.

I haven’t felt this enthusiastic about a store in a long time. I’d highly recommend “I love Yoo” to whoever’s looking for a quick snack in Sunway. It’s good, the proprietor and the staff are uber friendly, and really the food just speaks for itself. 😀

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