Date: 16 Feb 2009
Keys to Twilight

Previous Count: 53, 727
Today’s Count: 54, 566
Total written: 839
Reason for stopping: I finished the scene. Now to wait for the next.

Liquid sustenance: Water mainly. Coffee in the morning.

Actual sustenance: Cheese baked rice and fried mushrooms.

Today’s Darling: “You would choose a dragon God as a partner, just to irritate the hell out of us, wouldn’t you?” his voice was playful.

Mean Things: “I’ll be selfish. I do not want any children to live my life. That’s not the legacy I wish to leave behind.”

Things I discovered while researching: None were done for the story. I forgot I did some research yesterday for the locks.

Books in progress: Inkheart Trilogy. 3 pages in the loo. 😛