Stolen from Allichaton

I encourage anyone and everyone to poke me if they see my wordcount dipping below 1k 800 words a day two days in a row. I want to finish this novel, damnit!

Date: 15 Feb 2009
Keys to Twilight

Previous Count: 53, 155
Today’s Count: 53, 727
Total written: 572
Reason for stopping: Brain coming out of my ears, but I’m beginning to get a good sense of what’s happening again.

Liquid sustenance: None. Saliva count?

Actual sustenance: Dinner was lo mai kai. 😀

Today’s Darling: Playing with auras and chi were not encouraged by the Alin’sa, especially since telepathic communciations seemed to disrupt them too often. Mishkal was one to never listen to such warning and admonitions.

Mean Things: Her teacher now looked like one of those film beach castaways, with her torn clothes covering the most modest parts of her.

Things I discovered while researching: No research done today.

Books in progress: No Plot? No Problem! (thanks [Raz]!) and the Inkheart Trilogy. Which lay untouched.

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  1. Y’know, I did find a copy of No Plot? No Problem! once at Popular. It never surfaced again in any other bookstore…

    Geminianeyes: Apparently they are everywhere in Penang.

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