[Politics] Boggling the mind

Seen in Utusan Malaysia today:

NIBONG TEBAL 23 Feb. – Penubuhan Majlis Perundingan Antara Agama oleh kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang mesti dihentikan kerana ia meletakkan Islam sama taraf dengan agama-agama lain.

In English, it can be ROUGHLY translated to:

NIBONG TEBAL 23 Feb. – The formation of the Penang Islamic Religious Council must be stopped because it puts Islam on the same footing as other religions.

Am I the only who finds NOTHING wrong with that? Are they THAT afraid of their religion being scrutinised and coming up short in implementation, which is most often a HUMAN error and not the Divine?

Edit: WTFISH IS THIS ASSHATTERY? According to MKini:

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has denied a report in Utusan Malaysia today that the state had established an inter-faith council last year.

“These are lies…we have no such council,” he told reporters in Parliament today.

He also added that he had instructed his lawyers to file a defamation suit against the Malay daily for carrying the untrue report.

“And if they have any evidence of us setting up such a council, then bring it to the court,” he said.

Utusan Malaysia today published a front-page lead stating that the DAP-run government in Penang was insulting Islam with the setting up of the inter-faith council.

The daily quoted the Penang Islamic Council chief Shabudin Yahaya as saying that the inter-faith council must not be allowed to be established as it would place Islam on par with the other religions.

This, said Shabudin, was an insult to Islam.

The daily said that the inter-faith council was headed by Lim and three-Malay members as well.

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