Namecard, part 2

Thanks [William] for your contribution!

I realised yesterday after talking to a few people that I did not have the full details of what I wanted on my card. I’m leaving most to your creativity, but as I mentioned before:

Name, email and phone details

(please leave a comment here if you are joining and I will send to your email)


Writer by profession, Novellist by ambition

Roles held (this goes back of the card)
    – Writer
    – Gamer
    – Blogger (
    – Forum Moderator

All entries must be sent to AT gmail DOT com by 31 March 2009. I’ll announce the winner after that, in the early weeks of June. Please note that I may choose separate winners for the logo and namecard. 😀

Again, the rewards are:

Eternal Gratitude x A gazillion
RM150 cash (with no dinner)
RM85 cash + dinner at a location of your choice (must not exceed RM100 per person)

Looking forward to the entries! 😀

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