The Journey of the Wind Goddess

I only wish I had photos. But anyway…

The Wind Goddess and I went to SS2 for a spot of lunch at Bella Italia before claming her freedom from that most nefarious of villains, TMNut. We enjoyed our lunch and then quickly made our way across the road to the DiGi Service Centre.

Although the walk was brisk, there were many who stood in our way; an old man with his cane, silly sales people who stood in the centre of the walkway as though they owned the place, random construction and renovation work on the walkways, crazy drivers rushing through a two-side-parking-road-made-into-triple-parking-lane.

At the end of our journey though, a nice security guard opened the door of our venue and we walked into the freezing sanctuary of the SS2 DiGi Centre (I’m saying this cause I wore a short-sleeved thin blouse). We listened to a spiel by the DiGi Broadband girl (whom I think was worse off than me- racerback tee and skirt. Cold!) before the Wind Goddess’ application was processed.

I liked that she made it a point to mention to the Wind Goddess about the contract and the price increase after the contract; most other salespeople in Malaysia would have left it out.

So after that was done, she was finally given the registration form to fill in. Here, we had a heart attack. The Wind Goddess seemed to have misplaced her IC. It was not in her wallet, nor was it in her bag. We rummaged in her bag for quite some time, while the DiGi guys never lost their temper with us. Unfortunately, without her IC, she couldn’t get the broadband, so we turned to leave.

Never let it be said that the Wind is easily turned from her goal. With tenacity, she stopped at the side of the road and rummaged through her bag one last time. Lo and behold! Not a few seconds later, the familiar blue card was given to the man behind the counter, who processed her application.

While we were waiting for her IC to be photostated, I noticed that the man had checked the Laptop + Broadband promo, which was far more expensive than what the Wind Goddess wanted. After pointing this out, it was a wait again before they got the correct form, by which we came to yet ANOTHER block.

The Wind Goddess did not realise that she had to pay for 2 months instead of just 1. So we were actually short of RM40. The salesman’s look was quite hilarious; I wasn’t sure whether he was pissed or exasperated. So after checking to see where the nearest ATM was (he said Alliance Bank behind the current row of shophouses), we left the safety of the DiGi Service Centre (DSC) and continued on our next leg of releasing the Wind Goddess from the clutches of the insidious TMNut.

Instead of the Alliance bank across the busy (and crossing-it-would-be-suicidal road), we instead walked up the road to Bank Simpanan Nasional. And I love that BSN gives money in RM10 notes instead of RM50. *looks at all other banks*

So once the wallet was filled, we went back to the DSC. In a matter of moments, the Wind Goddess was the proud owner of a new DiGi Broadband modem, which she couldn’t stop molesting.

Tonight, we await her word on whether she has finally been released from TM’s clutches for good.