[Politics] Chinese USUALLY wear what?

This simply makes me flabbergasted, insulted, and oh wouldn’t I just love to give the guy a tight slap. EXCUSE ME, it’s not just Chinese girls who wear barebacks! There are quite a number of Malays, Indian… you know what?

Why, in the name of all that’s good and pure, is this even RAISED? Does it really matter? I suppose it does to people who have nothing better to do.

And please la, stop generalising with your racist remarks. All races have people who dress like that.


On another note, here’s something for the lulz. While I congratulate her on her win, I can’t help but laugh at the sheer irony. Emphasis, as usual, mine.

Although she felt nervous when pitted against a participant from India in the finals, the 18-year old charmed the judges with her polished English presentation using the Powerpoint software on the importance of ODF (a document file format) in Malaysia.

3 thoughts on “[Politics] Chinese USUALLY wear what?”

  1. “Powerpoint software on the importance of ODF (a document file format)”

    Maybe it was the editor’s fault for not being able to differentiate between “Powerpoint” and “Presentation Software”.

  2. I think it was a typo for PDF?

    Geminianeyes: No, ODF is correct. It’s the Open Document Format, to be used as a standard across the board, no matter the program.

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