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I should have gotten on my task much earlier, but between dinner with the family (yay!) and procrastination (hehehe) I’m only going to do it now. So yeah, have a LOL! Career reading. :3 Got this from Tarot.com and I am very amused as to how true this is:

Your Vocation, Profession, Success, Recognition.

Virgo-Libra Midheaven

Your destiny will allow you to combine your intelligence with your artistic ability in your professional life. Imagination and idealism will go together. Although you may have some ambition for money, your real goals will be more idealistic. If you work for others, you would never ask for special treatment from your boss and would never cause any problems with your co-workers. You obey orders and fulfill your job to the best of your ability. You have a strong sense of justice and a good memory. You pay attention to detail and are a good observer. You like to communicate with others and can learn different languages very easily. Your persuasive power combined with your intelligence enables you to bring peace to any quarrel.

In order to succeed in your professional field, you need the support from your loved ones. You are easily influenced by others, and your ideas will not always be well thought out and solid. You will have to learn to think things through carefully and persevere through difficulties.

Your career choice could be one of the following professions, or a combination of some of them: attorney, organizer, artistic director, diplomat, teacher of languages, floriculturist, fashion designer, specialist in cosmetics, artist, public relations or in any other profession which involves beauty, order and harmony.

Pluto in 10th house

You have a great capacity to excel as a leader and to handle large groups of people. In order to achieve success, you will have to learn to be more patient and flexible, and to control your tendency to be tyrannical. It is likely that your professional life will be dedicated to producing changes and transformations in your environment, or to healing others through the fields of medicine or psychiatry, or to managing a large corporation. Whatever your profession, you are sure to attain a very authoritative position; people will either love you or hate you, but you never will be unnoticed.

Ruler of 10th house ( Mercury ) in 6th House

Your professional success is related to your ideas on service. No matter what profession you choose, it will be more gratifying for you if you feel that you are helping others. This astrological position favors professions linked to medicine, therapy or nutrition. If you do not have a career, you are likely to work in a company that provides some kind of service.

Quite true, yes yes?