DiGi Nuffnang Party

Edit: Anyone else having trouble sending emails to digiim AT nuffnang.com? I can’t seem to send, keeps bouncing.

A few days ago, I received an invite from Nuffnang to join them and DiGi at Friendster cafe in Mutiara Damansara for an event. There was no hint of what the event would be about, only that it was exclusively for Glitterati members and we would not be allowed to bring guests.

So, on White Day, I found myself driving to Sunway Pyramid because I automatically associate Friendster Cafe with Sunway Pyramid. While I was there, I managed to:

– Discover that Friendster cafe is now Hot Piper
– Arrange with [Luc] for Idike icons
– Have tea
– Drive myself from Sunway Pyramid to Damansara Perdana in less than 40 minutes DURING DINNER HOUR.

So upon checking in at the registration counter, I was confronted with this:

MSN Board with Markers


Geminianeyes as written by me

Yes, this is mine. My handwriting is horrible. I blame more time on the PC than the notebook. XD

So what was the launch about?

YES! Just for DiGi subscribers, MSN Live Messenger is now available on your mobile. To begin, send MSN to 2016, and follow the instructions. Here’s the best part: Instead of charging you per message, you’ll be charged a subscription fee of RM3 instead. Now that’s cheap, especially when you consider this:

File transfer from your mobile!

Now can someone tell me that THAT isn’t worth the RM3 subscription price! Oh yes, I need to mention, for the first two months, subscription is free, so go and download it now!

MSN Emoticons

Oh, before I forget, you can also use emoticons and even nudge people (yes, that annoying feature makes it to your mobile!). Thankfully, there’s no option to have your phone vibrate when you’re being nudged, but I heard that it’s on the way.

*Evil laugh*

Back to the launch:

As I reached the cafe quite late, I was a bit lost after registration, but [SixthSeal] waved me over and I met Carol and Cindy ([SixthSeal], will need their links later! got it, thanks!). I also met Robb from Nuffnang, who was a Blogger Relations Executive.


Their Marina Spaghetti was really quite creamy, but I enjoyed the Pan Dory in Lemon sauce more. The fish was tender without the sauce overpowering the fish. The samosa and the fried popiah rolls were just so-so.

As everyone took a break from eating, it was time to unveil the DiGi MSN Live TVC. (refer above). I always did like DiGi’s ads; they’re hilarious and cute! So once that was over, it was time for a live demonstration of MSN Live Messenger on your mobile. About 5 people went around showing the programme off, and it was quite a squee! moment to see MSN looking so pretty on the mobile.

After the demonstration, it was time for some prizes. The first question was too simple, “What’s the number you send the message to?”

The second question was a bit harder for those not paying attention to the buntings around, and I got it. 😀 I wasn’t sure if the guy could see me behind the hanging emote, but he did. 😀

Jonathan the MC: What’s the current promo for DiGi MSN Messenger?

Me: Free for the first two months, RM3 per month thereafter.

MC: Damnit that was my next question!

Me: Do I get a second prize then? 😀

MC: No.

Me: D:

And I went home with this:

Logitech Headset

Hee! As they set up the area for the next game, we had a lucky draw, in which Coca-Cola caps, Raybans and Oakleys were given away. A few of us had our eyes on the delicious PSPs though.

PSP for best entries

Then the fun really began. We had Cindy and Yat facing off on the title via MSN: Should ex’es remain friends after the breakup? It was during this time that we learnt just how fast women can type. 😛 Cindy was to propose that no, they should break up all communication, while the other guy (sorry I didn’t get your name!) Yat was to propose that they do.


They both walked away with pendrives, and Cindy later confided that she agreed that ex’s could remain friends while he said no. Hee.

This was followed by another round of Lucky Draws before we had the most rib-tickling game of “Be The Emote” where you’d have to potray the emote shown. Third prize was a DiGi MSN Brochure (I kid you not!) while second was a thumbdrive and first a Microsoft Webcam.

The emotes were: XD, ;P and I think ^v^. No pics here, but it’s hilarious all the same.

The night ended with the announcement that the PSPs were for the best entries of the night and the best entry covering tomorrow’s flash mob somewhere in Bukit Bintang around noon. After that, it was time to have some booze and mingle.

Long entry is long. Thanks for reading! And yes, pictures are in my gallery (and not Facebook, for once!).

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  1. oooh ok..you are the lady with 2 answers..nice..

    and err yeah..Cindy and I somewhat switched position, where in reality, I’m the devil and she’s the Angel =.=

    anyway..nice to meet u, although we didn’t talk to each other 🙂

    Geminianeyes: Nice to meet you! Hahah, yeah, wanted to talk to you too but was shy. :3

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