Live and Let Live

I’m actually a few days behind my blogging, and it’s only because I can’t really think or get the energy to write. Actually it’s more of the latter, as when I come home these days, I’m just so tired that I zone out. It’s good to just sit back, watch the words run by you in IRC or even in chat. I’m starting to show my anti-social tendencies; I don’t pay as much attention as I should to conversations (THANK YOU LOGS!).

Life’s been anything but boring though. Part of the reason why I’ve been so tired recently is due to Earth2025. It’s a pretty fun game if you have the right clan to play it with; I never got past my first day the first time a long time ago.Thanks Gan for introducing me to PDM. They’re a bunch of nutjobs, but they’re a FUN bunch of nutjobs- they’re people who take things easy and life not so seriously.

Been keeping rather busy at work too, especially with a number of projects that seem to be accelerating. I need to keep my eyees on the details and not forget the big picture. Working macro and micro don’t always work; but it takes practice. I wonder if that’s the reason I’ve found it hard to come up with copy yesterday and today.

Churning out words usually comes second nature to me, and when I find myself hesitating it’s not a really a good sign for me. This especially applies to work. I’ve been hesitating, and I know the reasons why. What I need to do know is step up my game. I know I can do better, and I should. Getting to the reason why I’m hesitating isn’t that difficult. It’s the acknowledging and taking that step to fix that often makes me wary, if only because I’m too afraid of falling flat on my face.


I’m a rather big hypocrite. I talk about being afraid to take risks, and yet, here in my Twitter, I have a nice little message from myself that reminds me:

(9:59:02 PM) geminianeyes: says life’s too short to spend in a frown. Cry if you must, but then smile, and let the sun through again. Let the rain cleanse you. LIVE.

Life’s too short to be spent hesitating and wondering. Let’s go.

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  1. Yeah, true that life’s too short to be spent in hesitation and wondering, but sometimes i do think hesitation is needed to make a better decision. We don’t have to rush just because life is too short. Indeed it’s short, whatever you do to delay it. Take your own pace would do, which i know you always manage with very well. Ganbatte. 🙂

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