Turning Pro-Choice

I wonder where the Church I grew up with went to.

Especially for women too:

Our wombs are the gateway through which life passes and sometimes we have to say ‘no’ and keep that door shut.
By Ela.

Nites all!

2 thoughts on “Turning Pro-Choice”

  1. Lol. Gateways! Made me thought of that random manga title that Dimmie showed before that I still didn’t remember the titles where it had mentioned something around ‘when a girl’s period is coming, a gateway of hell opened’ XP. Although last I saw it, it was written with the most high-level purple prose. XD

  2. I think the fact that the RCC occasionally screws up some of the implementations of its decisions doesn’t mean that it’s completely bunk. I’m sorry to hear about the family; Christ would have welcomed them.

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