Translation help needed!

Hi guys, just a quick one, can someone help me translate the words in this particular pic? Thanks!

Edit: Translation complete! From Frances and Tiara:

Here’s the story behind the plaque. The plaque itself reads “gojinjo faiko noto city.”

2 thoughts on “Translation help needed!”

  1. Literally, the Chinese characters read “Big drums make loud noise”
    The four words on the side goes “Can cause hearing damage”

    I’m kidding, ask Windy. 🙂

    Geminianeyes: LOL, it’s Japanese, hence why I posted this. 😛

  2. Surprisingly, I don’t know how to read these words that don’t make sense to me. 😐

    Still no answer yet kah?

    Geminianeyes: Whoops I forgot to update! There’s been an answer already.

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