Just woke up from a weird dream- dreamt I was following this group of people who included [Edrei] and we were in this one-on-one tournament with them to get their ancestral treasure or something (when we won the tourney we’d take them away from the family, needed the treasures for some greater purpose).

The Chief (or rather Penghulu in Malay) hosted us, and when we mentioned that the villagers sometimes refused to hand it over, he gave the leader something (I didn’t see what it was) and told our leader that if anyone disagreed, they were to show that thing off. To seal the deal, he fed us…

Chinese New Year sweets.

Then the leader said she needed to borrow the Penghulu’s office to do some research, and he said that might be difficult, as there was someone sleeping on the first floor. It was here my deram took on a drama quality; I switched views to seeing a mentally-challenged boy rolling on the bed in a devastated room.

The next morning, we were relaxing (with weird thoughts of the Smurfs, don’t ask) that Edrei suggested we play Dares. Apparently he already had a bag ready for the game. One of his acquaintances found a rat in her bag, and she screamed, throwing her bag and Edrei’s bag into the air. I picked up the pieces of paper that was scattered, and found my dare.

I was to read a news piece about rape and murder in “Hark the Herald Angel sing” style. I was asked if I could do the dare, and I said yes before I went up to check on my brother. And then I saw that the boy had my cousin’s face.

Ok, time to bath.