Crappy week, almost ending

Like Max, it seems that I don’t update so often since I’m Twittering away, but that aside…

This week has been a string of bad news one after the other. Doesn’t help that it’s also that time of the month for me, so I’ve been a bit more antsy than usual. My moods have also decided to be as mercurial as the God who supposedly rules my zodiac, so it’s been pretty much a rollercoaster week for me.

My emotions were running high for the better part of the week. However, it’s not a good sign when my bro called me to tell me that my car needed extensive under the car repairs- driver’s shaft was dead, brake pads were dying and absorbers needed replacing. Total? RM620. Right after that, the car began emitting high-pitched sounds- turns out my brake PUMPS are dying this time. Taking the car tomorrow hopefully to get it fixed before my tyres blow.

Work was also a mixed bag. The House project is finally slowing down a week after eating the better part of two weeks for me and the designers. I’m hoping to progress on the Frames project after that. THAT has been pending for two weeks. Then there’s also the Packaging project to look after, not to mention the Telco’s new briefing next week.

Kuro’s graphics card died two days ago. At first, I used the second slot which worked well for one night. Then it died last night. I sent it in today in the afternoon and was told that if I sent in my graphics card (still under warranty) I’d have to wait a few WEEKS before I got it back. Apparently, being under warranty and clamining it after a few months mean my card will be sent back to the manufacturers to be repaired. WTFBBQ! HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO DO MY WORK?

In the end, thanks to the Wind Goddess’ suggestion, I think I’ll buy a cheap graphics card later while Kuro’s ori one is being repaired. I am SO not happy. My money’s flowing out heavily this week and its not even the first week of April yet! I hope my cousin sis pays me soon. I really need the money to survive.

Bah now back to bed. Very sleepy. Oh and to top it off, am battling migraine + slight fever and cough. Think I’ll be hikkikomori now. Bah.