[Copywriter Chronicles] OTPs

The continuing story of Francis and Chris.

Cherry: *Listing out features of the site* My Calendar, My Profile, My Friends…

[Chris]: My Francis.

Francis: ???

Cherry: *Without missing a beat and to Francis* Your Chris… *Goes back to briefing*


20 minutes later:

Cherry: Does [Chris] kacau you, [SixthSeal]?

SixthSeal: No, not really.

Francis: That’s because he’s not (Chris’s) his type.

Cherry: Oh.

*Everyone in the meeting room looks at Francis*

6 thoughts on “[Copywriter Chronicles] OTPs”

  1. Haha! Perhaps I exude a certain heterosexuality. πŸ˜‰

    OT: OMG! I can’t believe I didn’t recognize your brother when he came to pick you up. I recognize your other brother from Euphoria, MOS though.

  2. I feel obliged as a fellow copywriter to notify you of a typo in your post. Names that end with an ‘s’ does not require an apostrophe. Jesus’ not Jesus’s. :p

  3. On the contrary, dear HB. Names ending with ‘s’ does not connote they are plural, hence it’s okay to say “James’s”, “Jonas’s”, etc…

    Only when it is mentioned in the plural form (plural for the family of Jones is “Joneses”, hence we write “Joneses'”), there will not be any ‘s’ after the apostrophe πŸ™‚

    That’s all for today’s class. Dismissed!

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