Flat screen~

PC Fair, Spring Edition (my name for it) has ended~

10-12 April 2009, was the date for one of the most anticipated computer festivals in Malaysia, the PC Fair. I don’t have the stats, but it seems that this year, the prices have really gone down. I believe that this is mainly due to the fact that the sellers need to get rid of their old stock and the economic recession is coming. Rather, it has already hit, and those who saved up will get what they want.

I couldn’t resist temptation. When I went to the PC Fair this time, I went to get a cheap headset for Sachiko, so I could learn Japanese on her. I ended up getting two other items on my wanted-to-get list as well. My total haul was:

AVF Headset- RM25
AVF Bluetooth Dongle- RM25
AVF USB Card reader- RM9

I seem to have a unhealthy preference for AVF (and that’s mainly because the current headset I have is a very nice AVF for nearly two years now?).

However, I couldn’t stop looking at all the LCD screens. I wanted (not needed) something to replace my current huge CRT, and I was stumped to see Samsung’s 19inch going for RM400. Shopping a bit more brought me to Viewsonic’s RM375. I shelved that for a bit, mainly because I had no money at the time, and because Samsung is a better brand than Viewsonic.

Silvy-sis told me later Saturday night that they were selling Samsung monitors at the All-IT Hypermarket in Ikano for the same price. As my brother and me didn’t see any other monitors besides the two mentioned above, we decided to head there instead. What I got was a very nice LG 18.5″ monitor at RM379. 3 years warranty, really nice and crisp colours, and am seriously happy with it.

No HD? That’s fine. I don’t think I’ll trust Samsung anymore after this, as it seems the DVD drive I got from them is broken (I got it last year when I first got Kuro). I don’t have much luck with DVD drives but this is kinda ridiculous, especially since I don’t really use it all that often. Saa~

Now time to sleep. Nites~

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  1. Well, if you’re willing to splurge more you could have gotten a 22″ or some 24″ WS monitors that go for a bit above RM500. Those’re excellent for movies, if you watch them often. But I suppose if you are on a budget, you’d want to save more.

    Also for DVD drives, I would recommend nothing other than Pioneer. I heard LG drives are relatively decent as well, but nothing has been more rock-solid than my Pioneer which I have been using for the past 4 years.

    p/s: I broke a world record and reached new feats of human physical abilities this weekend. What did your brother do?

    Geminianeyes: I just needed something serviceable. Will definitely look into Pioneer when I get the money sigh. Lucky I don’t watch that much anymore.

    My brother fixed relations with estranged relatives and rediscovered the joys of home-cooked food. 😀

    AND CONGRATS! Are you guys going to get the money from the Guinness Book of Records then? 😀

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