Reading this news makes me angry. I don’t like people holding me to hostage, especially submitting me to people who cannot speak either BM, Chinese, English, or even Tamil as Paul David on Plurk says.

Yes, times are hard. Yes, you can’t make so much money anymore. However, that is NO excuse for making the customers undergo the agony of talking to waiters who cannot understand a simple question: “Is this included with the set?”

Yes, PappaRich Kelana Jaya Mall, I am looking at you!

For goodness sake! Even the Chinese shop down the road has Indonesian and foreign workers who understand when I ask where’s my food in English and Bahasa Melayu! You franchises in upmarketplaces have NO excuse why these “small” coffeeshops can hire workers who speak the language and you can’t.

The same goes for Vivo! in the Curve. Come on, asking whether your soft drinks are “free-flow” should NOT have to involve your manager coming over to answer a yes or no question.

I am compiling a list of outlets to boycott who practice such policies. Bear in mind, this isn’t a boycott against all food outlets who employ foreign workers, but only those who employ workers who cannot speak English, BM, Mandarin/Cantonese and Tamil in their respective language eateries.

Pappa Rich, Kelana Jaya Mall
Pappa Rich, Three Two Square

All Pappa Rich Outlets till further notice/information
Vivo! The Curve

Drop by the comments to add more to the list.

11 thoughts on “Bah!”

  1. Add Paparich, Three Two Square to the list.

    What’s more infuriating? Foreign workers who can’t speak local languages well or the sales assistant at the computer shop who knows little about tech?

    Geminianeyes: Tech I can forgive. It’s not really a basic requirement (as long as you know how to count can la), but language? Now that is basic.

  2. Also shame on Paparich as they’re meant to be the upscale kopitiam with their RM3.60 roti bakars and RM2.80 soft boiled eggs. Environment is good, but mediocre food, lousy food, and unjustified prices means I will be sticking to Old Town White Coffee.

    Geminianeyes: I find the food at the Kelana Jaya Mall to be pretty good. It’s the service I cannot stand.

  3. Yeah I know Pat. Once the waiter totally forgot Charlz’s order. However, with some complaining, they are receptive to giving you a free meal. 😉

    Geminianeyes: Hahaha, that’s good. Still, I’d prefer the basic of them actually learning the language in the first place. :S

  4. Went to PappaRich in Kelana Jaya mall – absolute rubbish – no customers, 4 staff and after 15 minutes we walked out as they could not even get a chendol order to our table –

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  6. i just had my dinner last week in Pappa Kelana Mall.. service was quite ok… food and environment are better than ali and old town.. try their cha keo teow..pretty good

  7. i think is pretty subjective .. anyway.. i am quite ok with the taste and the food.. penang style.. which i miss so much.. i born in penang 🙂

    1. I’m partial on service simply because when I eat outside, I’m not eating the food, but I’m enjoying my meal. Meal times, to me, aren’t just occasions to fill the tummy, but an occasion to find pleasures in the very act of being alive.

      Besides, I really can’t stand it when I’m unable to communicate with people.

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