Help Wanted!

This especially goes out to all Twitterers, but you’re welcome to reproduce it so we can turn it into an Internet flash mob:

Pls RT: @RealHughJackman Money = good, but u walking in red heels & shorts of yr choice 4 a mile to protest Violence Against Women = better

Original status from PixelProject here.

Background: RealHughJackman (who Ryan Seacrest says on his site is the real deal) is offering USD100k to the charity of the person who can convince him in 140 chars or less why he should donate to them.

PixelProject, which is a volunteer-driven project to raise awareness and stop Violence against Women, took up the challenge of asking Hugh Jackman to instead walk a mile in “smoking red heels and shorts of your choice” to raise donations rather than the money. 😀

So, if you’re on Twitter, help us retweet! Or just spread the message. 😀 Thanks in advance!

PS: In case you’re wondering, am trying to raise money for WAO aka the Women’s Aid Organisation, whose shelters for the abused are in danger of being closed down due to lack of donations. :S