Loving and hating troubleshooting

[Edrei]: no one I knows appreciates the geek life like you do..

I wish it were true, but it’s only because my geekiness is surface-deep. I can appreciate things from a consumer who likes to pretend they’re up to date with the latest in tech and yet at the same time, I don’t mind getting my hands dirty with HTML.

So when something gets borked, I enjoy the process of troubleshooting. Even if it does cause me headaches because I can’t quite pinpoint the process of WTF went wrong.

Which is exactly what is happening now with a certain client’s blog. Hmm…. *dives back into the code*

EDIT: FIXED. Actually it was rather simple but miscommunication helps to add to the trouble. -_-” Reminds me of this video.

*Chants* Layer of trouble, layer of miscommunication, layer of trouble, layer of miscommunication.