[101] Of Witches, pt 1

Based on the last short in the play, Stage Therapy. No, there are no real witches in there, but it reminded me of it! (btw, it’s a three-part story, so read them after the jump!) PS: Their next show is tonight, 8.30pm, while tomorrow is their last day, 3pm and 8.30pm shows. WATCH THEM!

She had been reluctant at first. Clubs were not her scene. Her friend not only assured her she looked good, but that she was gorgeous, and in they went. There were sounds and people dancing- they met another friend, who kissed everyone in sight. Soon, her friends left to dance, and she was alone.

He came over. Asked her name. Invited her to dance. She declined. He persisted still. She declined. He never relented. She acquiesced.

He taught her slowly, sensing reluctance. She let him. Two men tried to cut in. Friends of him, it seemed. He declined. She felt… relieved.

The next day, she woke up, alone. They gathered around her, like vultures. They did not need to question, they knew what transpired. The sorrowful look on their faces broke her heart.

The man had no place in their lives. The man would destroy them if he did. This road was not meant for them, nor was it for her. The mind knows what the heart refuses.

The day after, she spoke to him. Their hands entwined, his entreaties denied. The biggest betrayal were those from her family, who allowed him to sway her mind. There was no turning back.


“I will take it away from you.”

His words, ringing in her ears. His promise.

“I’ll take the curse into my own self. And from your aunts.”

She would not allow it. Her aunts did.

He took it from them in turns, first her, despite her unwillingness, then her mother, then her aunts. The eldest declined. She was the first to fall. Then the man. She crawled to him, called for help. Her mother came, but she fell into a dead state. Then another. The third attempted escape. Finally, she breathed her last, head on his chest. The eldest watched, impassionately.

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