2009 Star Trek: The Movie


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If you want an important scene-by-scene summary, read Dusty’s account here.

The movie opened with a ship looking like a more primitive version of the USS Enterprise investigating a “lightning” storm near a star. As a huge ship came out, they hailed it and was immediately attacked. Within seconds, their shields were disabled and they were then hailed by the enemy ship.

This led to the then Captain boarding the other ship, and when he was killed by the enemy, the new Captain of the USS Kelvin began ordering the evacuation of his crew. However, he was unable to leave the ship as the auto-pilot had been damaged; to gain time for everyone to escape, he needed to pilot the ship himself.

In the last minute of their communication with each other, his wife gave birth to their son, who would be known as James Tiberius Kirk.

This was the start of the new 2009 Star Trek Film. In it, we are introduced to iconic characters- Kirk, Uhura, Bones, Spock, Sulu, Pavel and Montgomery, in that order. The movie also brought Leonard Nimoy back, playing a vital role in the development of the story.

Ok, I’ll admit two things:

Sylar as Spock.

I say this mainly because of the intensity in his eyes. From what I know of Spock, he was quite the perfect Vulcan; no emotion, with a certain way of handling crises. This was reflected partially by Sylar, because the intensity of the emotion is not conveyed in his words, but by the eyes, the tensing of a muscle, the aura he projects. In fact, his voice was quite dead in a few areas you’d expect a human to be emotional. And when he does explode… boy does he explode.

The kiss with his younger charge was quite a surprise though, and I do like his human expressions.

Kirk: It’s only logical to show them compassion, isn’t it?

Spock: No, not this time, I don’t think it’s logical.

You’ll know why I laughed when I saw that scene.

John Cho aka Harold as Hikaru Sulu.
There’s only one way to describe this: OMG SO CUTE PINCHPINCHPINCH!

Seriously, I’m glad to see Cho breaking out of the parody kind of shows he did before this (though you can say that this Star Trek movie is a bit of a parody). I loved how he played Sulu’s character. It was a wonderful mix of naivete and level-headedness. I’d also like to recommend Anton Yelchin playing Pavel- the tactical officer of Starfleet and the perfect accomplice to Cho’s helmsmen.

Downed by a lungworm. AHAHAHAHAHA!

Overall, I give this movie a 4.5/5. It was a wonderful romp in the park, and a perfect re-introduction to the whole Star Trek franchise. I know the Star Trek history only as someone who professes to be a geek realises what Kirk and Spock are, but this movie was certainly one of the most fun times I’ve had in a long while.