Test post

This is a testing post to confirm if WordPress will crosspost to Dreamwidth which will then crosspost to LJ.

Looks like it works from WordPress to Dreamwidth. Now from DW to LJ.

Edit 1: Hmm… after a bit of tinkering, it works from WP to DW. Mainly because I used the wrong domain extension for DW (hint: it’s .org, not not .com).

However, it looks like I have to enter manually from DW to post to LJ. Will be investigating this tonight when I get home. Geekery senses… tingling!

Edit 2: It seems that crossposting from WP to DW works (an error here and there is actually pretty misleading) but DW doesn’t allow you to post from DW to LJ automatically. And it seems that they might not introduce that anytime soon. Hmm…

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